Learn More About the Indiana Design Center

Q: What is the Indiana Design Center?

A: The Indiana Design Center is a premier collection of design resources serving the community of design professionals and their clients.

Q: When is the Indiana Design Center open?

A: The Indiana Design Center’s building hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Q: When will the Indiana Design Center retail showrooms be fully occupied?

A: Retail showrooms are currently under leasing agreements, and are set to be completed by the Spring of 2011. The first floor showrooms are open to the public, while the second floor is made up of professional office suites and trade-only showrooms.

Q: What will the Indiana Design Center be like when it is fully occupied?

A: The Indiana Design Center is home to the Indiana Design community and its clients.  It features a warm and welcoming environment that encourages design innovation.  The Design Center is the place that people come to appreciate the latest design resources and to be inspired to develop their own individual design style.

Q: Where is the Indiana Design Center located?

A: The Indiana Design Center is located twelve miles north of Indianapolis in the city of Carmel. The Center is the cornerstone of Carmel’s Arts & Design District, which features unique shops and art galleries, independent restaurants and upscale boutiques.

Q: What is available in the Indiana Design Center?

A: The Indiana Design Center includes approximately 80,000 square-feet of showrooms and design resources on two levels.  First floor showrooms are open to the public, while second floor showrooms are open to trade professionals only. Overall, the Design Center features approximately 20 showrooms, 10 professional office suites, a complete Design Resource Library, meeting rooms, a Café and a full-time Concierge.  Convenient underground and surface parking includes over 200 spaces plus a drop-off area and on-call porter service.

Q: What products will be available in the showrooms?

A: The twenty showrooms will feature an array of innovative and inspiring design and building products primarily for the home. Fabrics and textiles, custom furniture, window treatments, decorative accessories, lighting, kitchen and bath fixtures, tile and stone surfaces, cabinetry, decorative hardware, wood flooring, custom carpets and more can be found at the Indiana Design Center.

Q: Who is the Indiana Design Center for?

A: The Indiana Design Center serves the Indiana professional design community and their clients.  First floor showrooms are open to the public, while the second floor showrooms are open to design professionals only.

Q: Who is considered a design professional?

A: Design professionals are individuals who work in the interior design, architecture and building fields along with the business people who sell or provide resources to the design and building industries.  Design professionals generally have an educational background that qualifies them for their work along with specific credentials from their trade organizations.

Q: What services are available to design professionals and their clients?

A: Professional designers will enjoy easy access to a premier collection of trade showrooms representing innovative and inspiring design resources.  A full-time concierge will assist the designers and their clients with making their visits easy, enjoyable and productive.  Designers will be able to rent office space or meeting space.  Business services like copying, mailing, sample courier services, high speed Internet, and administrative services will be available to design professionals who visit the Design Center.  A comprehensive Design Library will be open during operating hours. Regular design workshops and information sessions will be offered for the professional design community and the public.

Q: What is the Design Resource Library?

A: The Design Resource Library is a 4,200 square-foot space devoted to connecting professional designers with the latest resources.  The library is a collection of sample materials, catalogs and vendor displays that make it easy for designers and their clients to review options and make choices.  Vendors stock the Design Resource Library with up-to-date information and provide a schedule of informational workshops and presentations to bring new ideas and products to the community.

Q: Can the public shop at the Indiana Design Center?

A: The public is welcome to use the Indiana Design Center and all its resources and services.  The public may shop the first floor showrooms during business hours. The public may also shop the second floor with their designer or may use the Designer-on-Call service provided by the Indiana Design Center.  Many of the second floor showrooms offer in-house design services for the public as well.

Q: What is Designer-on-Call?

A: Designer-on-Call is a free service offered by the Indiana Design Center.  Visitors who do not already have a professional design relationship are welcome to use the Designer-on-Call service where they can meet a professional who will acquaint them with the Center and assist them in defining their needs.  A Portfolio Library is also available that makes it easy for visitors to identify professional designers and review their work.  The Indiana Design Center is a source for matching professional designers with new clients. Click here to learn more.

Q: Why does the public need to shop with a design professional?

A: While first-floor showrooms are open to the public, second-floor showrooms of the Indiana Design Center offer products and resources that require professional design expertise. When utilizing second-floor resources, a professional designer assists the client in evaluating their needs and options. Professional Design services can be customized to the needs of the consumer and his or her unique project.  Professional designers may work on an hourly basis, a project basis or may be paid based on the design choices and purchases.  All these options are available and provide the consumer with a solution that fits their needs and means. The Indiana Design Center maintains contact information and portfolios for all interested and qualified professional designers in the area.

Q: What if the public visits the Design Center without a designer?

A: Everyone who visits the Design Center is welcome.  First floor showrooms are open to the public and design professionals alike. Guests wanting to visit the second floor will be greeted by the Concierge who can assist them with their needs.  The Concierge can set advanced appointments, Designer-on-Call appointments and arrange in-showroom visits as needed.

Q: How do I get more information about the Indiana Design Center?

A: Visit the Indiana Design Center at 200 South Rangeline Road, Carmel, Indiana 46032 or call our Concierge at  317-569-5975 for an appointment. Check the Indiana Design Center website for regular updates at indianadesigncenter-staging.lc453fem-liquidwebsites.com or email Concierge at [email protected].

The City of Carmel

Q: What is the role of the City of Carmel?

A: The Indiana Design Center is part of the master plan for the re-development of Old Town Carmel into the Arts & Design District.  The Indiana Design Center will act as the Anchor for the Carmel Arts & Design District as well as a resource for designer professionals in the state of Indiana. The Indiana Design Center is the vision of Mayor Jim Brainard and is overseen by the Carmel Redevelopment Commission. www.Carmel.in.gov

Q: What are Carmel’s redevelopment plans for the area?

A: Carmel has identified various areas for redevelopment.  The Carmel Redevelopment Commission (CRC) oversees these various public and private projects that are underway in Carmel.  Some significant components of the plan include the continued growth of the Carmel Arts & Design District, the completion of a new 1,600-seat Concert Hall and 500-seat Community Theatre (both to be completed by early 2011), plus a 15-acre mixed use development called Carmel City Center with independent retail shops and restaurants, upscale residentials, a boutique hotel and premier office space. The recently completed Central Park and Monon Center Recreational Facility, and the Monon Trail are part of the more than 800-acre park system that adds to the amenities of Carmel. www.carmelclayparks.com & www.carmelcitycenter.com

Q: What is the Carmel Arts & Design District?

A: The Carmel Arts & Design District offers over 100 arts and design related businesses including art galleries, antique dealers, furniture and interior design showrooms, creative services providers, independent restaurants and specialty boutiques.  The district hosts special events to support the development of the arts in Carmel. www.carmelartsanddesign.com

Pedcor Companies

Q: Who are Pedcor Companies?

A: Headquartered in Carmel, Ind., Pedcor Companies develop, construct, manage and finance real estate projects throughout the United States, primarily in the Midwest.  Pedcor is a national leader in the affordable housing industry and currently has several commercial and mixed-use projects underway in Carmel, Indiana.  Among the many companies that comprise the Pedcor family are Pedcor Bancorp, Pedcor Investments, LLC, Pedcor Residential, LLC, and Pedcor City Center Development Company.  For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.pedcorcompanies.com.

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