2021 Luxe Kitchen + Bath Upgrades

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The past year has brought in a new era of living well at home. Even those of us with newer or well-appointed homes have discovered places where we might be able to improve the design or functionality. Because of this, remodeling and redecorating is at an all-time high. We have seen increased traffic at the Indiana Design Center (IDC) from industry professionals and homeowners alike, looking for ways to create a more efficient or luxurious home. Kitchens and bathrooms are always first on the list for makeovers, so Natalie Gertiser of Ferguson offers her take on the top trends in kitchen and bath that help promote your home to the highest level.

Mixed Textures

Mixed metal tones on hardware and fixtures continues to be popular, both in kitchens and in bathrooms, but building on that trend are mixed textures. Favorite fixtures pair sleek, shiny marble and onyx with tactile knurled metals to create a striking contrast.

“Consumers have really embraced the mixed metal trend, and mixing textures is the next logical step to really elevate a space,” says Gertiser.

Creating that juxtaposition between the high vs. low or the luxury vs. utilitarian creates more tension and interest in the design of a room.

Mod faucet from Graff featuring polished nickel with storm black marble body.

Royal Flush

A small addition to create a spa-like bathroom experience is a bidet. Long considered an essential in Europe, bidets have only recently become more commonplace in American homes with the innovation of the in-seat bidet.

Consumers can add a new seat to virtually any toilet, easily upgrading their bathroom to luxury status. Gertiser says, “Being able to add such a feature without expensive plumbing or labor costs is a relatively easy way to enhance the bathroom.”

Kohler C3-155 bidet paired with the Kohler Sans Souci one-piece toilet.

Oversized Light Fixtures

Another somewhat simple way to add a big visual element to a room is an oversized light fixture. These have been trending for the past few years, but have continued to stay popular and have become more of a mainstay in kitchen design.

Says Gertiser, “A set of three substantial pendants over a large kitchen island makes a formidable visual impact, while rounding out the style of the room.” Light fixtures in an array of finishes and styles are on display at the Ferguson showroom.

To learn more, contact the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery showroom at the IDC: 317-705-0794. Appointments are required for showroom visits and consultations.

Oversized light fixtures make a dramatic impact in the Ferguson showroom and come in a variety of styles.