2022 Designer Trends Forecast: Wallcovering

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The Indiana Design Center has a network of affiliated design professionals with an abundance of experience and expertise. As we look to 2022, we have surveyed the designers to hear what they deem will be popular or continue to be favorable for 2022. Our friends at Sassy Green Interiors and JB Designs report that wallcovering is here to stay, but with a fresh twist.

Whether you call it wallpaper or wallcovering, it has been around for forever it seems – ask any owner of an older home if they had to peel layers of old wallpaper off their walls – but over the past few decades it has taken a backseat to paint or effects with paint (pattern, texture, etc.). In the past couple of years however, wallpaper has become more popular and prominent. With technologies improving for application and quality – like improved pastes or even peel and stick – it is easier than ever to add some color and pattern to your home in a fresh way.

Maryellen Hodapp and Christy Soldatis from Sassy Green Interiors observed that their clients are selecting warmer, more inviting colors than the cooler shades of the past few years.

Says Maryellen and Christy, “We continue to see a moving away from the cool gray color palette in favor of warm neutrals including creamy whites and deep taupes. In our practice we are incorporating pops of color in patterned fabrics and wallpapers.”

Sassy Green Interiors used wallcovering in a special application on the floor of this Decorators Show House & Gardens Home for an unexpected pop. Photo: Sarah Shields Photography.

The addition of wallcovering can heighten a warm, lived in feeling to a room by using anything from a moody floral pattern to a natural grasscloth or chic geometric print.

Judy Bates of JB Designs agrees. “Wallpaper can be elegant, it can be textured, it can be used in practically every room of your home.”

She suggests using it in a powder bathroom for a punch of pattern or in a refined dining room. She has even used wallpaper in place of a kitchen backsplash.

A stylized floral wallcovering lends elegance to this dining area, designed by JB Designs.

Beautiful, welcoming interiors are always the objective when working with a design professional. With a designer’s advice, a thoughtful wallpaper selection makes it easy to create visual interest and that collected feeling. To learn more about designers affiliated with the Indiana Design Center and to browse their work, visit the Design Portfolio page.