3 Tips to Define Your Design Style

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How would you define your design style? Many people know exactly what their style is and can confidently navigate furniture and fabric choices, paint colors and accessories. It is easy for some to make these types of selections and effortlessly incorporate them into their homes, but others don’t know where to begin. If you don’t know how to define what you like, take into consideration a few things that might be able to unveil your true style. And buyer beware that a space someone else deems perfect, might miss the mark in your own personal domain so lean into creating a space that’s tailored to you rather than the trends.


You might not know your home style, but maybe you know your fashion style. Is it easy for you to pick out an outfit every day? Do you have a knack for mixing and matching your clothing? Maybe you know that you favor a monochromatic look, or you like mixing patterns and bold colors – and knowing that those looks make you feel comfortable and happy can go a long way in helping you figure out what makes you feel comfortable and happy in a room. A monochromatic look could lean toward minimalism, and mixed patterns could be considered bohemian or maximalist. If you get an extra pep in your step wearing a bright color, you may also draw energy from a room with pops of color.

Whether a chic Palm Beach bungalow or vacation wardrobe, this palette and mix of patterns inspires both fashion and decor.


What do you do for fun? Do you enjoy nature and go for long hikes or picnics on the weekends? Do you like to go out – to parties or dinners or movies or would you rather snuggle up under a blanket at home playing games or reading a book? Depending on what you favor, you may lean toward a specific style of decorating. Nature lovers may incorporate lots of houseplants, organic materials and natural light, while homebodies may decorate with cozy textiles and soft, cushy furniture. Think about your favorite pastimes or environments and how your home can emulate them.

Taking cues from nature, this scheme is rich with earth tones and natural materials that bring the outdoors into the home.


Some people may not know their style, but they know how they want their home to feel. Do you favor a formal home – with defined rooms, traditional furniture and symmetry? Or is an informal home – with open concepts and more modern, relaxed touches – what makes you feel most comfortable? Knowing how you want your home to make you feel can help you or your designer find your most complementary style.

Airy, clean and modern are words to describe this design combination which steers clear of being fussy with the use of a soft color palette and organic materials.

Pinterest boards and shelter magazines and even fashion magazines can be useful resources for helping you define your design style. If you talk or work with a designer, it might be hard to describe to him or her what you want, and what your true style is so visual references are great tools to guide the conversation.

At any level of your design style awareness, a design professional is always a valuable guide to help you make great choices and bring ideas to the table you may never dream up on your own. Want professional advice or more design inspiration? Click here to browse portfolios of several Indiana design professionals.