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Local artist JD Naraine has recently exhibited some of her latest works for sale at the Coats-Wright Art & Design Gallery at Indiana Design Center (suite 122). Ms. Naraine trained in the traditional style, starting out painting children’s portraits. As she has built her career her style has evolved. She has been inspired by Impressionists and Expressionists alike, using bold, sweeping brushstrokes and vibrant color. Many of her paintings of the female form are reminiscent of masters like Chagall and Matisse, while other more abstract pieces are hugely evocative of Motherwell and Rothko. Her works are a fresh, inspired take on these modern movements. For pricing and to learn more, contact gallery director Dianne Wright: [email protected] or 317- 569-5980.

Figure Back (with blue background), mixed media, 40×26 by JD Naraine
Tree Mass, black enamel, 36×36 by JD Naraine
Red/Green/Ochre Figure, mixed media, 40×26 by JD Naraine
Tree with Ochre Wash, acrylic, 13×20 by JD Naraine