Bedroom Design Tips for Your Master Retreat

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This summer the IDC and Kit magazine called out for nominations of deserving frontline workers, or “healthcare heroes”, for a bedroom refresh. Those nominated were in the running for a custom-designed bedroom retreat, complete with new paint & decor, bed, mattress, chair, original artwork and window treatments. It was gratifying to the designers and showroom representatives to design a true haven for someone who had given so much to help others during the pandemic. The winner was Christa Havel of New Palestine, a nurse who had transitioned to a COVID-19 unit in the beginning of the pandemic, only to be diagnosed herself a few months later with breast cancer. Please read about Christa’s story and see the remarkable makeover in the most recent issue of Kit.

Know a Healthcare Hero? Participating showrooms are extending special offers to them linked here.

As the project was completed, we rounded up a list of bedroom design tips from the trusted experts who created Christa’s retreat. From creating a foundation for healthy sleep to smart home technology, here are expert bedroom design tips to know for your own bedroom refresh.

Healthy Sleep with Holder Mattress

The foundation for Christa’s bedroom revamp was the selection of a brand new mattress, bed, pillows and accessories with the experts at Holder Mattress. Holder Mattress president Lauren Taylor says that “Healthy sleep begins with the materials in your mattress and best matching your mattresses’ support system with your preferred level of cushion and support.” Holder Mattresses are two-sided and custom-made to each client using American-made products and natural ones whenever possible, like wool which helps to regulate body temperature. From there, they have everything you need to outfit your suite from mattress protectors to latex pillows, throw blankets and more.

A new mattress sets the foundation for a great night’s sleep with any bedroom makeover.

Create Your Oasis with Rusted Window

Rusted Window owner and designer Stacy Molander coordinated the overall design of the room with Christa and the participating vendors. Molander explains that “Your bedroom should be a place where you can come and unwind at the end of the day. In Christa’s case, we wanted it to be a place for her to relax, recover and heal.” The Rusted Window team went for a soft, neutral color palette and gave Christa all-new bedding which, paired with a new mattress, created a luxurious upgrade. Christa’s new bedroom is balanced with calming colors, symmetry and plenty of functional and attractive storage space.

Christa and her husband’s new bedroom. Photo by Chris Whonselter for Kit magazine.

Dress Your Windows with Drapery Street

Turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary — a calming space that promotes great sleep. “Room darkening shades can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. This is essential for nurseries, nap-enthusiasts, and those who work third shift,” says Drapery Street’s Erika Reimer. From blackout lined drapes to roller shades, Drapery Street offers a range of options that can help you achieve the right amount of room darkness and a restful night’s sleep, like those chosen for our Healthcare Hero, Christa Havel’s, bedroom.

Room darkening shades allow for a deeper sleep and block sunlight any time of day.

Paint Tips with Heritage Custom Painting + Sherwin Williams

“When looking for a color to paint your walls it is best if you pick a soothing color that helps you relax,” advises Jason Humrichous of Heritage Custom Painting, whose team painted the bedroom for this project. The color chosen by the design team and Christa was Agreeable Gray from Sherwin-Williams, a light, mid-tone gray that balances the line between warm and cool. They also painted all of the trim, which had been stained, to white for a crisp look.

The Agreeable Gray wall color made for an open and airy space perfect for relaxation. Designed by Stacy Molander, Rusted Window. Photo by Chris Whonselter for Kit magazine.

Elegant Entertainment with The Premier Group

Says Jason Barth of Premier Group, “When you’re planning your home entertainment space, be sure to consult a professional so we can help you think of the things you might not consider on your own. We can help you space plan, make sure to run the right wires discreetly to the right spots so they are hidden, and help recommend the right technology to complement your space and needs. There is a whole world of amazing products to fit every application and budget. Let us help you explore your next system, or update your current system!” For Christa’s room, they installed a Sonos speaker system that the couple can stream music to and control wirelessly from their smartphones.

The Premier Group plans every detail to ensure the technology in your space works seamlessly and looks great with your design.

Start with Art at Coats Wright Art & Design

Gallery director and designer Dianne Wright of Coats Wright & Design abides by a “Start with Art” design philosophy and believes this approach to design works in any room of the home. “When you select art it should be about connecting with a piece that inspires you, whether by the subject matter, color palette or anything in between,” says Wright. “We rotate our showroom vignettes regularly and always start with the artwork that is on the wall for inspiration. In this case, the stark color contrasts of the large black and white bunnies piece by Hunt Slonem drove the design vision for the bed that followed suit,” explains Wright.

This bedding vignette was inspired by the bold artwork on the showroom walls and dressed by Parkside Linen.

With the proper planning from beginning to end, the bedroom can become the most comfortable room in the house. These bedroom design tips from the experts ensure that every detail is covered and maximum restfulness and relaxation can be achieved.