Custom Furniture from Sketch to Completion

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Murrin Woodworking Studio is an artisan woodworking studio located on the south side of Indianapolis, specializing in creating unique pieces of furniture, architectural installations and built-in cabinetry. Not all furniture can be bought or ordered from a store – some pieces require a truly dedicated artist to visualize and fabricate a custom piece.

In this blog post, Pat Murrin, owner of Murrin Woodworking, shows the process of creating a custom piece of furniture to show what goes into it, from sketch to completion. This piece was an 8’ diameter round table commissioned for the Indiana Pacers Player’s Lounge in the new practice facility that took nearly 300 hours to complete. You can see more furniture pieces custom made by Murrin Woodworking Studio at their portfolio page here.

Conceptual sketch of table.
Marquetry pieces illustrating the Pacers’ logo to go into the top of the table.
Finished product, ready to be delivered to the Pacers Player’s Lounge.

You can view the entire custom process through the step-by-step gallery below.