Design Tips to Work from Home by Adam Gibson

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WFH Series: This guest blog series offers design tips for your work from home environments according to the experts affiliated with the Indiana Design Center. Enjoy this piece by Adam Gibson of Adam Gibson Design.

As an architectural designer and consultant, I occasionally work from home. Now that it’s mandatory, I made sure that I had a few comforts to facilitate a successful experience.

Enter the Stand Desk

I moved my favorite desk chair to my home office, and fortunately have a stand desk just like in the studio. If you don’t have one, they’re easy to create by stacking books or boxes on the kitchen counter for a comfortable laptop height.

Tip: Your next kitchen should have a stand desk!

The stand desk in this kitchen offers a place to stand (or lean) while checking your email and looking up a recipe. Inside the stand desk are multiple outlets and USB charging blocks to keep clutter off the counter.

A Daily Dose of Vitamin D

An infusion of natural light provides a mental boost, especially with the isolation. If you’re able to be near a window it will help your overall mental state. I find that getting outside several times a day to soak up some Vitamin D, which aids in immune and emotional health, steadies my mood. Anything to keep the immune system in top form is so important these days.

Don’t forget the importance of Vitamin D in your day and getting safe exposure to the sun.

Go Virtual

There’s nothing like being home for an extended period of time to motivate someone to want to improve their environment. While most all of us are working from home, I am doing virtual consultations via Zoom and FaceTime. The only time I need to go to someone’s home is for detailed measuring. Preparations can be made to ensure a safe and healthy experience for both parties when scheduling. Best of luck during this historic time!

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