Everything Home’s Design Nod to Nature & the 1970s

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Everything old is new again, which is an old trope, but it proves true year after year, in fashion and in design. As we are seeing with the popularity of bohemian style and biophilic design, the 1970s have become the prevailing inspiration for today’s newest home trends.

Wendy Langston, principal designer and owner of Everything Home at the Indiana Design Center, presented an interesting workshop at the IDC in April and spoke about the trends she has been seeing and how they are implemented by her team in their projects. “We are using warm tones and natural textures and patterns that evoke the bohemian feel of the 1970s,” she says.

Wallpaper and framed abstract art contrast with a soft contoured sofa and assortment of textured throw pillows in this cozy room.

Colors, wood, warm gold fixtures complement leather and natural textiles like raw linens and wools. Large scale wallpapers also add interest with pattern and color. This could be seen as a backlash to the cool, at times sterile, feel of clean lined mid-century design that has been so popular over the past several years, as well as an embrace of color and life after two years of a pandemic.

Vibrant color and natural marble create a striking kitchen that feels full of life.

Biophilic design is another leading style, which pairs well with the bohemian trend. The core principles of biophilic design – plants and living things, large windows, natural finishes, curvy, non-linear furniture – are the things that made 1970s design so great, but also evokes the outside and brings life into the home. Says Langston, “After a tough couple of years, we are seeing that people really want to invest in their homes in a healthy and thoughtful way, and one of the best ways to do that is by bringing nature into the home through interior design.” Soft, curved furniture with varied textures and patterns that evoke natural shapes create a beautiful and healthy environment.

Free-form patterned wallpaper pairs well with the curved, wood coffee table and warm gold lamp in this living room.

The Everything Home showroom at the IDC has many examples of these style trends and more. They have furniture and accent pieces available to shop, as well as the opportunity to make an appointment to meet with one of their designers to discuss your home project.