How Form Meets Function

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This winter many of us will continue to do things from home that we would not have done just a year ago. Form + function becomes very important when we spend this much time at home; a beautifully designed environment means nothing if it does not meet your needs. The Premier Group integrates the technical with the aesthetic flawlessly and shares ways smart home technology and design work together.

Solid Foundation

The need for a fast, reliable connection is essential when working and schooling from home. The Premier Group considers the network the “foundation” of a home. “You can’t build a functional home without a solid foundation. And likewise, you cannot continue to add devices to your network without a proper system designed for everything your home now needs,” says Jason Barth, The Premier Group principal. They can build systems into place that maximize network connection while minimizing obtrusiveness.

A solid home network sets the foundation for a functional work from home space and to connect multiple systems.

Artistic Application

This concealed technology blends into the design of the home seamlessly, offering high-tech upgrades without the look of traditional tech with its messy wires and connections. They do this by installing systems as part of the new build process but they can also be added in as needed in many different applications.

One way is merely by disguising a television as art, using the right technology for that specific space. “In many living room spaces the fireplace is the focal point of the room, so offsetting it with a Samsung Frame TV that can alternate back and forth as digital art or a traditional television, makes this the most tasteful choice,” says Barth. It hangs flush to the wall like a normal photo frame hangs, but it offers the best of both worlds when you are able to flip your art over to your favorite television program.

A solid home network sets the foundation for a functional work from home space and to connect multiple systems.

Mind + Body

A new trend in home construction, in keeping with the multi-functional theme, is a wellness room in place of a traditional home gym. Not only can you do your favorite workouts here, but adding sensory technologies like multicolored WiFi lighting can help create a mood for a high intensity exercise class to a calming meditation. Add a pair of in-ceiling speakers, as well as automated motorized shades, and the room is transformed, all controlled from your smart device.

The home gym space is being reimagined into a multi-functional wellness room with the use of smart home technologies.