Living Better Through Multifunctionality

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The pandemic has shaped the way that we live in our homes over the past couple of years. Almost immediately everyone needed to figure out how to make their home an office, a gym and everything else that they previously outsourced to alternate locations. The enduring trend of open-concept floorplans was abruptly challenged – because it was impossible to conduct work meetings and online school with no designated rooms for privacy. This quick shift brought into focus how important it is that our homes work hard and perform seamlessly for whatever we need to do.

Because of this need for higher function, homeowners have realized that products designed to do more than one task are favorable, as well as assigning zones for these specific tasks. Both can help save time and space, which leads to living better in your home. To support with this, interior designers are a valuable resource that provide expertise with space planning for these types of enhancements and are essential in guiding selections, ensuring you source the newest and most advanced products available.

A single unit washer/dryer paired with steam closet by LG looks elegant in this closet. Available at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery at the IDC, suite 101.

One popular improvement is moving the laundry to a closet or upstairs bathroom. Instead of keeping these spaces tucked away in a dark basement, people are bringing their washers and dryers into the spaces that they use daily, making laundry less of a chore. “Stackable units are a luxury in an upstairs closet, where they can be paired with a steam closet, making getting ready in the morning a breeze,” says Natalie Gertiser, with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery at the Indiana Design Center.

Four bottles of wine can be stored and dispensed in this built-in wine fridge by Vinotemp. Available at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery at the IDC, suite 101.

The kitchen is a logical place to combine function to make cooking and entertaining easier. Upgraded wine fridges store your favorite vintage and can dispense it for you at the exact temperature and amount you choose. Even a simple sink can be upgraded by adding multifunctionality. Sliding washbasins and drying racks can pair with over-the-sink cutting surfaces, making meal prep and cleanup simpler than ever. Says Gertiser, “Entertaining and everyday cooking both can benefit from multifunctional appliances.”

A multifunction sink by Galley can be configured in many different ways, for cleaning, food prep and even entertaining. Available through Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork at the IDC, suite 116.

To learn more and see the latest multifunctional products available, visit the shops and showrooms at the Indiana Design Center. If you wish to enlist the expertise of an interior designer, a portfolio gallery of design professionals affiliated with the Indiana Design Center can be viewed at