TECH NEWS: Indiana Design Center Certified as AT&T Fiber Ready

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Joined by local elected officials and business leaders today, AT&T announced the Indiana Design Center in Carmel has been certified as being AT&T Fiber Ready.  This marks the first time that an Indiana location dedicated to design professionals has been deemed Fiber Ready.

“Today’s designation means that this beautiful facility has been equipped with AT&T’s fiber infrastructure – that it’s in place and ready to help local artists create and businesses grow,” said AT&T Indiana President Bill Soards.

“The design center is now a proud member of our successful Fiber Ready program, which is part of our continuing efforts to drive economic development and investment in the Hoosier state.”

“Thanks to the tireless work of AT&T employees in Hamilton County and across the state, we’ve been able to deploy fiber and other infrastructure that deliver high-speed internet access,” Soards added. “Our employees’ dedication, combined with nearly $1.7 billion invested by AT&T in Indiana’s rural and urban communities over the last 3 years, is enabling Hoosiers to connect and innovate.”

State Rep. Jerry Torr, Melissa Averitt, SVP Pedcor Cos. and Bruce Kimball, Carmel City Councilor, look on as Bill Soards, Indiana AT&T President speaks to the public at the Indiana Design Center about it being certified as AT&T Fiber Ready.

In today’s world, connectivity is important to businesses of every type, including those that are involved in redecorating, remodeling or building homes. The AT&T Fiber Ready designation helps economic development leaders more effectively position their communities for site selection by emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services.

“This certification helps us clearly communicate that the city is connected, as our economic developers and community leaders work to bring new artists and businesses here and drive growth for the ones that already call Carmel home,” said State Rep. Jerry Torr.

“The AT&T Fiber Ready designation shines the spotlight on our modern communications services; it will be a valuable tool in local efforts to create and retain jobs,” said Carmel City Councilor Bruce Kimball. “Our community has so many assets that make it attractive to investors, and connectivity is an important one.”

“We have showrooms, art and design studios and galleries here,” said Pedcor Companies Senior Vice President Melissa Averitt.  “Ensuring that advanced technologies are available not only helps our current design professionals make the most of this fantastic facility, it can lure additional entrepreneurs and bring new jobs and investment to the area.”