ON TREND: Color and Pattern

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Minimalism has dominated the design industry for some time, but with the changes in the world over the past few years, this popularity is not what it once was. The clean lines and stainless metals with their sterile whites and grays have been replaced by a cozier vibe: saturated colors, rounder furniture profiles, thoughtfully layered artwork and accessories, warm metals and natural stone. Some would call the current trend maximalism, in a pendulum swing from the minimalism of the past, but homeowners are merely eager to make their living spaces more inviting, evoking a welcoming haven that sustains the family living there.

Creating a comfortable home in 2022 looks like bringing nature in through natural materials, large windows, and lots of plants, as well as beautiful color, vibrant, patterned wallpaper and a variety of textures, evoking the maximalist feeling in a number of ways.

Designers can help implement this style to suit even the most divergent tastes. Says IDC member designer Mary Kay Kiefer, “Floral patterns are back in a big way, on furniture fabrics, wallpaper and custom window treatments.” To embrace the traditional twist, leaning into florals with garden or tropically-inspired wallpapers, fabrics and rugs, bright colors and tufted, plush furniture is key. Or for a natural, neutral taste, choosing nature-inspired colors in blues and greens, textured fabrics, wood and natural stone finishes creates a fresh look. Says Kiefer, “Maximalist style can be modernized with contemporary accessories in any room of the home.”

Natural light invigorates this colorful sunroom that’s modernized by pops of pink and bold fabrics. From the portfolio of Mary Kay Kiefer, RID.
Vibrant color, florals and tufting make this classic living room on trend yet timeless. From the portfolio of Mary Kay Kiefer, RID.