Outdoor Shades Provide Comfort and Protection

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With summer now well underway, we are all spending more time outside. Most of us are still spending the majority of our time at our own homes enjoying spaces like porches, patios and decks. 

Though we enjoy the summer sun and heat as a respite from the cold and dreary winter, the weather isn’t always ideal to spend outside in the open air. Full sun, biting insects and gusty breezes can make outdoor time less pleasant. Sun shades and screens can make your outdoor living experience more comfortable, and the design professionals at Drapery Street offer many options in a wide selection of fabric colors, textures and opacities. Shades can also be automated, making it easy to open and close as needed manually or with a phone app, on demand or set for specific times of day.

Enjoy the View

High quality outdoor shades do a great job blocking harsh sun and heat as well as pesky insects, but they also have additional benefits that add value. For many, being outside means enjoying the view from their porch or patio, but a drawn transparent shade can protect from the elements while maintaining the sights the homeowner wants to enjoy. 

Retractable shades protect this deck from bugs and debris without sacrificing the golf course view.
A semi-opaque roller shade provides some privacy without obstructing visibility.

Protective & Durable

Shades can withstand wind gusts up to 55 mph, and can also block debris from blowing into outdoor entertaining or dining areas. They can also provide privacy with a more opaque version, adding a secluded, protected space that can serve as another room to your home.

A retractable shade blocks sun and wind.

Outdoor shades custom installed for the summer will continue to pay off this fall when you want to enjoy outdoor spaces without feeling the chill. These shades can keep warmth from a heater or fireplace inside a patio, extending your outdoor entertaining options for a couple more months.

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