SPOTLIGHT: A Collaborative Design Approach with Randy Sorrell

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As the 10-year anniversary of the Indiana Design Center approaches, we wanted to speak with our resident showroom owners and leaders – the tastemakers and forward-thinking innovators in our local design landscape. Randy Sorrell, owner of Surroundings by Natureworks+, shares his take on working in the design industry for over 26 years, and how the IDC community has made a difference in his business.

A Calling for Collaboration + Design

You may know Randy Sorrell. You may have seen him around Carmel, at various community events with his wife, Kim. You may be in the Rotary Club or OneZone with him, or you may have met him while supporting an Actors Theatre of Indiana event. You may even read his design column in the Current in Carmel. He is an essential part of the communities he inhabits – not only in Carmel, but in the Indiana Design Center as well.

Randy has enjoyed a stimulating and creative entrepreneurial career as a design professional for 26 years. His love of helping homeowners update their spaces speaks to his unique ability of creating community and improving lives. Says Randy, “Being a design professional is incredibly uplifting and quite fulfilling. Working directly with homeowners is very rewarding and after many years, I’m still thrilled to call this my livelihood.”

About 3 years ago, Surroundings by Natureworks+ moved into the IDC. He shares, “The positive energy and collaboration here is exhilarating. It’s an honor to have our studio in the IDC rubbing elbows, and brains, with some of the nation’s brightest talent. We often brainstorm over project solutions and materials. We share projects and marketing ideas. We have fun together. On a bad day…I still get to go to work in the IDC.”

Randy conducting Surroundings by Natureworks+ Ribbon Cutting in November 2016 at IDC.

As a designer and entrepreneur, it is fundamental to know what the current trends are and what might be the next sought-after thing – be it materials, styles or techniques. In general, Randy sees technology playing a bigger role in both interiors and exteriors. He has observed that color is still popular in interior applications like appliances and tile, coupled with innovative storage solutions and hidden LED lighting. In exteriors, advanced deck and patio materials are popular, as well as elevated grill stations and privacy and shade solutions that improve and extend outdoor living, even into the cooler months. Being able to create a livable, lovely home for clients is the ultimate goal for most designers.

Surroundings by Natureworks
An outdoor grill station, pergola and patio area created by Randy and his team.
Randy leading one of several outdoor living and kitchen and bath seminars within the IDC workshop series.

He says, “Perhaps the most compelling trend is that we are beginning to appreciate how well-planned, beautiful spaces can positively impact how we live and communicate.”

Designer and IDC tenant, Adam Gibson, enlisted the diverse skills of Surroundings for this comprehensive and modern kitchen renovation. Adam’s sophisticated design called for demolition, rescuing / repurposing the 1930’s glass tile backsplash and precise installation of Ferguson supplied cabinetry and Santarossa quartz counters.

Randy and his wife Kim have 2 grown daughters and one grandchild. They love travel, bucket list concerts and creative pursuits, such as painting and jewelry making. To learn more about Randy and Surrounding by Natureworks+, email [email protected].

Randy with his wife Kim, daughters Sydney and Shelby, and son-in-law Jacob.