The New Way to Work

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Mitsch Design, located in suite 226 of the IDC, has been in the business of revolutionizing office spaces for 29 years. Their showroom features everything from ergonomic seating options to fun, colorful occasional pieces. Their fully integrated design and furniture procurement process results in creating inspiring spaces you want to work in.

As open concept offices gain popularity, creating effective meeting spaces presents a challenge. Furniture based modular meeting spaces are versatile, portable, and a fraction of the cost of building a conference room. These modern pieces can create a semi-private meeting space anywhere without building a wall. What’s more, it’s an investment you can take with you.

Co-Op Stations are semi-private meeting enclaves that can be positioned anywhere and do not require elaborate construction. These canopy-style structures create a custom, built-in feel with minimal effort and footprint.
Visors create opportunities for seclusion in open areas, which means that a meeting can take place virtually anywhere.
These pieces are available in many different upholstery colorways, giving businesses the opportunity to align their furniture to their specific style and brand.

Challenges in your office space? Mitsch can help. Contact Alex Cain: [email protected].