Tips to Hang Artwork + Gallery Walls

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Are you ready to deck your walls with some artwork or framed photography? A little downtime at home is a great opportunity to hang or re-arrange artwork which is a small change with big impact. Designer and Coats Wright Art & Design gallery co-owner Dianne Wright shares several great tips to help you in the process.

  1. Gather all framed pieces that you have and stack against a wall.
  2. Categorize your artwork by subject (nature, abstract, photography).
  3. Categorize the artwork by color.
  4. Hang your favorite pieces in the most impactful wall locations.
  5. For a Gallery Wall, start with the largest piece and build around it.
  6. Use painters tape or cut-outs sized to your pieces to map out on the wall before you hang.
  7. And, the unbiased and professional eye of a designer is always a great idea!
Coats Wright Art & Design is located in suite 122 of the Indiana Design Center. Contact Dianne Wright to learn more [email protected].
Dianne Wright
Dianne Wright, designer and gallery co-owner.